Business Competition Delegates

Themes : Youth in Future Entrepreneurship

Important Date

No Activity Date
1 Delegates Registration and Business Idea Submitted 6th November – 15th January 2019
2 Confirmation Attendance Before 5th  January  2019
3 Business Presentation 27h January 2019
4 Awarding 29th January 2019


Business Competition Requirement

  • Age between 16th– 30th years old
  • Good Communication skills and knowledge
  • Business Concept author can individual or team consist of maximum 3 person
  • Send business idea concept according the guidelines
  • Able to pay Program Fee
  • No Need English Practice


Business Idea Guideline

  1. Business Idea  are original work of participants, have never been included in other competitions, and have never been published in any form.
  2. The business idea is written in 3-5 pages. The concept is typed in Microsoft Word with 12 font sizes, Times New Roman, space 1.5, 3 cm margins (top, bottom, right, and left), and A4 paper size.
  3. On the first page of business idea write essay title (font 14, bold) and the name of author (font 12).
  4. All reference sources in the form of books, journals, newspapers or other sources must be included in reference.
  5. Business Idea is written in English.


Registration Mechanism

  1. Participant fill form in website
  2. Participant send full business idea (paper) with file title Competition Participant Name_School/University Name to email to before 15th January 2019
  3. Short Business Idea in application form will be reviewed. If pass review process, participant will get Letter of Acceptance (LoA) maximum 5 days after send essay, after that you must send us the full business concept before 15th January 2019


Prize of The Winner of The Competition

  1. The TOP 3 as the Winners get total RM 3000
  2. Consolation Prize for TOP 10


Fee of Participants

Individuals :
Early Bird USD 180 – Final Payment 25 December 2018
Normal USD 190 – Final Payment 15 January 2018
Team (Maximum 3 Person)
Early Bird USD 180/Person – Final Payment 25 December 2018
Normal USD 190/Person – Final Payment 15 January 2018


Registration Included

No Included
1 Entrance to

– Business Presentation

– Opening Ceremony and Gathering

– International Conference

– Business Clinics

– Innovation Lab

Meals During Program

– Lunch on 27th January

– Coffee Break on 27th January

– Lunch on 28th January

– 2x Coffee Break on 28th January

– Lunch on 29th January

– Coffee Break on 29th January

Seminar kit

– Goody bag

– Note

– Pen

– ID Card


Not included : Accommodation during program